Tuesday, 28 July 2015


It would literally be impossible for me to do justice to Tomorrowland 2015 by merely using words to describe my experience.  But I'll give it a go.
Incredible. Insane. Just indescribable.  If you have never attended the Tomorrowland festival in Boom, Belgium I highly recommend you go.  The entire weekend is absolutely mind-blowing, from the campsites, to Dreamville, the music, lights, fireworks and the food.  That pizza was love in every mouthful. No words are big enough to describe the magic, wonder and excitement of Tomorrowland.
I can't pick one particular highlight, but Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, David Guetta and Steve Aoki all spring to mind as having been amazing sets.
We met some pretty cool people despite the language barrier.  New Zealanders should really start learning languages outside of English because most of the rest of the world is at least bilingual.  It is amazing how music can bring together people from all over the globe who you have a fantastic weekend with and then sadly have to return to your normal lives after four nights of insanity.
I have thrown together a few gopro clips I took during the day at the festival because I didn't take my gopro at night. I was far too focused on jumping around and enjoying the atmosphere to stand with a camera.

On another note, after walking round with a New Zealand flag for 4 days and having people yell "AUSTRALIA!!!" while pointing at us, I am firmly all for the flag change now.

Tomorrowland was phenomenal. I would return again next year and every year after that if I could.

Sunday, 19 July 2015


Yesterday we ventured to Oldenburg for a late lunch and a little bit of shopping.  Again I was shocked by the speed of drivers on the autobahn.

We had lunch at a gourmet burger place called Hans Im Glück.  The interior was set up to look like you were sitting in a forest with floor to ceiling tree trunks.  It is very strange to see people with their dogs inside a restaurant or even clothing stores, but apparently that is normal.  I can't imagine taking Richie into the city and having him sit under the table while I eat my lunch and then dragging him from store to store.
I really enjoyed Zara and could have spent a lot more money in there on clothing.  In Europe you can wear their preppy style clothes without looking like a twit.  Much of what they sell would look out of place in New Zealand unless you were off to watch the polo.  Kiwis dress a lot more casually.  Other stores we visited included H & M, NewYorker and Mango.

Tomorrowland is fast approaching and I am very excited about my upcoming adventures in Belgium. Hopefully the weather is a lot hotter there than here.  The overcast days Germany has to offer are not what summer is all about.

Hans Im Glück - Oldenburg

Wednesday, 15 July 2015


After a ridiculous number of hours spent in various airports and on planes I have crossed the globe from New Zealand to Germany.  I am excited for the adventures ahead of me, particularly my Topdeck tour and Tomorrowland in Belgium.

So far this journey I have learnt:

1.) US customs are intense, even if you're only in the country on route to somewhere else
2.) All long flights seem to have at least one screaming child
3.) Aeroplane toilets are scary
4.) The in flight breakfast is usually pretty average
5.) Pack sleeping pills if you plan on getting any sleep on the plane
6.) German drivers are nuts

I'll keep this blog up to date, more as a diary to myself than anything else :)

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Making friends... but people scare me

In six days I depart New Zealand headed for Europe.  I am extremely nervous and excited for this huge adventure.  Not only will I have the opportunity to tick off some of the big bucket list destinations and events, I will have the chance to meet a variety of new people.

This is the part of my trip which excites me the most but also makes me anxious.  Sometimes I am socially awkward.  In our relationship, Aaron often takes the pressure off of me by talking so much it doesn't matter if I'm silent.  But Aaron won't be there to talk on my behalf which makes me rather nervous.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who walks into a crowded room and suddenly gets anxious when I don't recognise a single face.  No one is paying me any attention, yet I still feel like all eyes are on me.  Do they think I'm some weird loner? Are they judging my outfit? Is my hair a mess? Do I have something in my teeth?

To repel the idea I'm a loner I usually take out my phone and open an app just to close it again.  Yes, see that people who haven't even noticed I'm by myself... I do have friends.  I'm on my phone pretending to text them right now!  I might even flick on the front camera to reassure myself that my face looks acceptable.

I know it's silly and I really do hate being anxious around people, but I can't help myself.  People scare me, but I love people.  It's a pretty complicated mindset.

Hopefully this trip helps me throw away my insecurities and open up to the idea of making new friends.