Sunday, 19 July 2015


Yesterday we ventured to Oldenburg for a late lunch and a little bit of shopping.  Again I was shocked by the speed of drivers on the autobahn.

We had lunch at a gourmet burger place called Hans Im Glück.  The interior was set up to look like you were sitting in a forest with floor to ceiling tree trunks.  It is very strange to see people with their dogs inside a restaurant or even clothing stores, but apparently that is normal.  I can't imagine taking Richie into the city and having him sit under the table while I eat my lunch and then dragging him from store to store.
I really enjoyed Zara and could have spent a lot more money in there on clothing.  In Europe you can wear their preppy style clothes without looking like a twit.  Much of what they sell would look out of place in New Zealand unless you were off to watch the polo.  Kiwis dress a lot more casually.  Other stores we visited included H & M, NewYorker and Mango.

Tomorrowland is fast approaching and I am very excited about my upcoming adventures in Belgium. Hopefully the weather is a lot hotter there than here.  The overcast days Germany has to offer are not what summer is all about.

Hans Im Glück - Oldenburg

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