Thursday, 20 August 2015

Topdeck - Day 1 to Day 6


Europe's alright ae.  This post will give a bit of a rundown of the first few days of my 24 day Topdeck tour.

DAY ONE: After an early start at Wombats London and a quick introduction to our travelling group and the group leader Felix we set off across the English Channel headed for Paris, France.  A good time later we arrived at the Generator hostel.  The rooftop bar provided some great views and delicious mint mojitos.

As it began to get dark we boarded the bus for a night tour taking in the major city monuments. The Eiffel Tower literally sparkles with lights which looked absolutely beautiful.

DAY TWO: The coach dropped us at the Louvre where we proceed to take photos outside of the Louvre pyramid.  The lines were insane so we didn't proceed inside, instead heading across the Love Lock bridge (which no longer holds the millions of love locks) to Notre Dame Cathedral.  The lines were super long so we didn't go inside and instead took the underground towards the Arc de Triomphe.  Had some absolutely amazing macaroons from Laduree.  We then climbed the Arc de Triomphe and took in the phenomenal views available from the top.  It's really cool how there are no modern buildings or skyscrapers close to the central area so your view is not obscured in any direction.  Of course we visited the Eiffel tower again before doing a bike tour of the major monuments.  I hadn't eaten enough throughout the day and had to get the tour to stop because I couldn't see where I was biking and almost fainted.  But besides that it was fab.  The full on day continued with a picnic under the Eiffel tower where I ate frog legs! We then went to a cabaret show which was mostly like a strip club, complete with a carousel of motorbikes ridden by topless girls.  I had anticipated more can-can than we witnessed, but it was a pretty fun night regardless.

DAY THREE:  Switzerland.  The Swiss Alps looks like a postcard or a computer generated image.  I really want to return in the winter.  The drive from Paris to Lauterbrunnen was ridiculously long.  We had a red and white party at the hostel bar where everyone drank too many sperm shots and just alcohol in general.  My cabin mates were 2 Kiwis and a girl from the Gold Coast, Emily.  While standing in the snow melt stream one of the Kiwis managed to make Emily sit in the water which sent the rest of us into fits of laughter.

DAY FOUR: Train to the summit of Jungfrau.  More incredible postcard perfect scenery.  At the top of the mountain I did a zipline which was super fun and provided a different angle to view the mountains from.  The gopro footage turned out great.  Everything in Switzerland is ridiculously expensive which is the only negative thing about it!

DAY FIVE:  Woke up and had breakfast in Switzerland.  Stopped for lunch in Italy.  Dinner in Nice, France.  3 meals, 3 countries, 1 day.  Once in Nice we took a walk down to the beach which has neither Waverley's black sand or regular white sand, but instead stones which hurt your feet and make climbing in and out of the ocean an issue.  After dinner we went to a pub called Wayne's Bar which had a live band and awesome Long Island Ice Tea.  After a few too many beverages and sweating so much it was beyond ridiculous we headed back to the beach for a cheeky night time dip.

DAY SIX:  Nice is a lovely relaxed place.  All morning we soaked up the sun at the beach and enjoyed the water.  I ticked off another "to do in France" item and had snails for lunch.  They were so covered in garlic sauce you couldn't taste the actual flesh, but the texture was comparable to overcooked mussels.  Monaco was the next stop on the itinerary.  Visiting for the evening made me feel like a peasant. I have never seen so many flash cars in one place.  The casinos charged an arm and a leg (16 euro) for a cocktail, which was nothing compared to the bets some people were throwing down on various tables.

The next blog update will cover my adventures in Italy!

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