Saturday, 21 November 2015

Girls are crazy

I admit it, I'm all little bit nuts.  But I think we all are.  While me and Aaron were discussing yet another thing I was nitpicking about because I am just a pain in the arse, I decided to compile a list of things I do that probably annoy the heck out of my boyfriend.  But I'm hoping I'm not the only one and girls everywhere can relate.

1.) Pillows and cushions.  I dunno what it is, I love cushions.  Every morning our bed is made with literally 6 pillows and a mountain of cushions.  And every evening half of that is shoved on the floor in an attempt to make room for us to actually sleep.  And so the process continues.

2.) Hair. I shed hair everywhere. I apologise. How I'm not bald at this point is beyond me because I seem to lose a tonne of hair. Particularly in the shower. Sorry.

3.) Slowly filtering your hoodies from your side of the wardrobe to mine.  They're just so damn comfy.  But we live together so it's not like you'll never see them again so that's completely fine.

4.) Complaining about how deaf you are when you don't hear what I say when I'm in the kitchen, probably using a blender or some other loud piece of equipment and you're in a completely different room.  Woops.

5.) Saying I don't want food but then eating half of yours anyway.  On a related note, my tendency to eat in bed and get crumbs everywhere because I am like a toddler when it comes to food. And then we wake up feeling like chicken croutons, all rolled in crumbs.

6.) Saying "No, no I don't mind, go out with your friends" then bringing it up 2 months later cause I'm still slightly pissed about it. Also in relation to this, hating on your friends for encouraging your bad habits, but getting offended if you say one word against any of mine.  Like back up buddy, those are my girls.  Lay off.

7.) Taking an eternity to get ready to go out. My hair has a mind of its own, it takes time to tame it. But then I'll start complaining I have to wait for you to get ready when you don't have your shoes on the moment I'm finally ready to leave the house.

8.) Buying clothes that I wear once, or potentially not at all. Online shopping is an addiction. I spend obscene amounts of money on clothes and it really needs to stop.

9.) Saying I'm gonna start eating healthy, exercising, going to the gym, running, cycling, whatever. And it literally lasts two days before we're back at KFC.

10.) Getting sassy over Monopoly. I'm not competitive... unless I'm losing.

BUT IN MY DEFENCE, boys do some really strange and annoying things as well. I apologise for being a nuisance.  Sometimes I wonder why you even put up with me.

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